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The BIG Blue Hat
Gardening Services

Gardening Services based in and around Attenborough & NG9

Let me do the projects you wish someone else would do!

Garden Clearance

Forgotten Borders Reclaimed


Digging & Planting

Lawn edging and mowing


"Thank you Mike for the very hard work you have done in my fathers garden. We had been badgering him for months to get some help in. You’ve done a tremendous job! We are so pleased, as I’m sure will be the neighbours. 
To those considering help from a gardener Mike has been thorough, hard working and tidy and is particularly understanding of elderly folk! 
Thanks again!

Hazel (Wollaton)

"With working long hours I've always been too shattered and tired to do my garden. I never really sat outside as it's been such a mess for years. When I heard Mick was also going to do gardening services in addition to his creative writing I seized the opportunity of getting to come and sort mine out once and for all. I have known Mick for many years and would highly recommend him if like me, you are always going to get around to your garden but never do." Louise (Cropwell Bisphop)

"Despite having a long garden I could only see half of it! I can't believe how much the plants have grown and expanded over the last few years. I don't like digging and doing all the 'hard' parts of gardening but wanted it transforming. I knew I wanted a rockery but didn't want to do all the 'graft' and preparation needed to transform it. Mick, came along and was really quick and efficient at removing all the plants I no longer wanted. He prepared the ground to transform it into a rockery and even planted 160 rockery plants and dressed it to a final finish with the decorative gravel. I can now see the full length of my garden once again. Thanks Mick!"

Dominic (Bramcote)

All work guaranteed by Covea Insurance Ltd.
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