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Who can apply for funding?

Any member of your community -  Senior LeaderBusiness Manager/Bursar/ Teacher/TA or PTA Committee member.

What can I apply funding for?

Projects that support and engage with the whole or part of the Community that you serve - Parents/carers/childminders/older generation/ disengaged/disadvantaged/early years etc.

The School Environment - Buildings/playgrounds/gardening and growing/sensory rooms/ libraries/ specialist curriculum spaces – all have sources of funding.

Staff CPD for curricula can be supported.

Curriculum -Maths/Science/ Languages/Sciences/PE/ the Arts including Music can be supported.

Extra-curricular - residential/day visits, Breakfast clubs/ Field Studies/Sports clubs/STEM

Inclusion and Wellbeing projects.

Plus any projects of your own design that have your support, commitment and passion.

What information will you need from me to write a bid?

It is essential that we spend time sharing the details of the project so that a unique bid can be created.

The costs of the project are obviously essential but 'benefit in kind' is an important consideration.

It is usual for a statement of your budget for the past year/two years.

This depends entirely on what your project concerns and how much you are requesting.

How much can I apply for?

How much concerns what your projects concerned with and to whom you apply.

Some bids fund 100% of a bid, many others match fund  (50/50) but most require that you demonstrate a commitment to your project by raising between 20% - 25% towards the project.

Having a PTA is useful as they can be involved in fundraising as well as prioritising their funds.

Do I need to be a registered charity?

No - many Funding sources encourage schools to apply. However, being a Registered Charity will increase greatly your access to funding sources. 

Academies and Free schools are charities, maintained schools are not. 

How long will it take to complete a bid?

Each bid is unique, the more detail needed, the longer it will take. I typically aim to create, compose and complete a bid within two working days once we have outlined the project and financial commitment.

Will I be able to apply to more than one funding source?


But you need to be aware that amendments often need to be applied as every funding source have their own format, word limit, funding criteria and guiding values.

How long will I have to wait to find out if it has been successful?

It depends upon the funding body. Some have specific deadlines whilst others have a rolling review process. 

How much will it cost me for your service?

It depends upon how detailed the bid is required to be. My standard charge is between £300.00-£350.00 for a highly detailed online application. However, shorter tender bids or the 'Bid Boost' service will be much less.

If you apply to multiple funding sources  this can reduce overall costs too.

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