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Educational Bid Writing

Dóchas will save you considerable time as we navigate you through the sometimes complex and voluminous search and application process. Dóchas will make your application unique and Outstanding' so that your 'Community stamp' is clearly exemplified. Whilst no-one can guarantee success, Dóchas will identify least two other funding sources if the initial application is not successful.

Every individual who is invested in their community has ideas on what and how the life chances of its members could be improved.

There is potentially nearly £4.2 million pounds available annually for schools/charities to access for funding. Despite this, schools rarely apply for funds and if they do start, many never reach the point of submission.

Why is this the case?

  • Time - You are busy doing so much else.

  • Familiarity - It is a new landscape of forms, criteria, spreadsheets.

  • Unknown rules - What do they want? What must I say/not say? What works?

  • Risk - It all takes too long and there is no guarantee at the end of it.


However, the benefits to you and your Community are considerable:

  • You are making a real difference to the life chances of your children/staff/families directly.

  • Those with the greatest need in your Community will have their life chances improved.

  • It provides a legacy.

  • It gives everyone a 'lift' as who doesn't enjoy celebrating success.

  • It brings the community together.


Bid writing is an Art and a Science.

It requires a creative flair to be able to communicate your plan with passion, in a range of media, in a time limited fashion.

Precision in language and in financial matters is crucial in order to demonstrate trustworthiness, integrity and honesty.

Most importantly - it is your project, your people who will benefit so it is your 'imprint' that must shine through in order to make it authentic.


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