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As an Ex- Head Teacher and Lecturer with 30 years of experience in Education, I've decided to return within the Dóchas portfolio to support young people in these unique times.

My tutoring caters for the following:

  • Age ranges 6 - 16.

  • All areas of the curriculum covered.

  • Specialist in challenging the more able.

  • Supporting those who need a confidence boost to achieve their learning challenges.

  • Warmth, humour and engaging learning

  • S.A.T.'s and G.C.S.E.'s preparation and revision all catered for.

Attenborough Tuition.jpg
Attenborough Tutor
Attenborough tutor providing 1 to 1 tuti

Recent research has demonstrated that up to five months extra progress can be achieved as students are more more likely to more openly express their thinking and learn from their mistakes.

1:1 Tuititon

Problem Solving

Learning should be linked to with real life problems or modelling scenarios so that multiple skills can be applied simultaneously, making learning more memorable.

Attenborough Tutor problem solving learn

Moving from practical to abstract learning is an essential and ongoing process for all learners.  All learning should then  applied in different contexts in order for it to be successfully embedded.

Attenborough Tutor providing practical a

Practical Application

Outdoor Learning

Learning outdoors provides the safest method currently to build successful relationships  and make learning practical and relevant. It also allows the student to learning in a context unlike the classroom.

Attenborough Tutor outdoor learning.jpeg

Challenging The More Able

When learning appears to come relatively easy - it is time to ensure it can be applied through active problem solving and discourse with the eternal question.... what if?

Attenborough Tutor a Specialist in chall

I have taught Science/DT at both Derby and Nottingham Trent University on their ITT courses.

I have taught for over 30years as well as having a passion for Literature, The Natural World and History. My exception is Languages other than English.

Attenborough Tutor covering all areas of

All Curriculum Areas

Support & Confidence 

I have decades of experience of working with children who need the right kind of support to unlock their learning and boost their confidence so that they can be more independent.

Attenborough Tutor providing support to

Preparation For Exams

Learning to Learn and Study Skills are key to tackling the knowledge rich Curricula of our current times. Learning question analysis and writing a discursive text is key to success.

Attenborough Tutor supporting revision a

Catering 6 - 16 Age Ranges

30 years of teaching has enabled me to develop a very broad knowledge of Learning as well as the Knowledge necessary to gain a true understanding of the curriculum.

Attenborough tutor catering for ages 6 -

Attenborough Tutor is fully insured by Merkel Insurance.

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