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Being a leader is at times incredibly rewarding but is not without it's challenges.
After twenty eight years of being actively involved in Education Leadership at all levels, I have been at the forefront of change management; effective planning and delivery of projects; extremely successful at generating income for growth and generating policies and practices that impact upon the lives of many others.

Dóchas is here to provide other institution/business leaders with the necessary support, expertise and creativity to help them grow new projects sustainably.
It can provide you with creative ideas, concrete proposals and meaningful strategies that will reenergise your approach to growth.
Dóchas will help remove those potential barriers to progress such using: futures thinking and planning, income generation, sources of finance and bid-writing.
I will provide you with practical hands on support, side by side - we will do this together.

My Story 


From the age of twelve I have worked all my life: from building sites to Town Hall Receptions (Scarborough 1987/8) then a career as a teacher/lecturer/mentor then a Headteacher for ten years. I have worked with thousands of  talented children and hundreds of fantastic, creative colleagues.However,  a couple of years ago I suffered a mental breakdown, for many reasons, but I am now ready and raring to go in supporting you make your dreams become a reality.

I have a mind that is always looking to create and share new ideas and being outdoors in nature is a passion of mine as my formative years were spent playing on piles of rubble and in derelict houses in Manchester during the Seventies.

Please visit my instagram page by clicking on the logo at the top.  

  Can you see the ant in my picture above? Sometimes we need help along the way to reach the summit. I am here to help.

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